Take your passion or expertise and turn it

into a profitable

revenue stream!

10-11 am CST

March 19-21

Take your passion or expertise and turn it into a profitable revenue stream!

10-11 am CST on March 19-21

Join me for this 3-day masterclass where I will pull back the curtain on my multi 7-figure business and show you the 3 best ways to monetize your passion and expertise online!

We get started SOON!


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What are you going to learn?


How to leverage your expertise and monetize your passion by adding a revenue stream you can sell on repeat!


Discover the top three most profitable online revenue streams, which one is a good fit for you, and how to be the most profitable.


Understand my step-by-step plan so you can see what it takes to implement your new revenue stream and start making sales fast.

Hey, I'm Jen!

I have a multi 7-figure coaching business!!!

My business has helped build a legacy for my children and change the trajectory for the future of our family.

It has brought my husband home from corporate America and allowed us to pursue other passions. Ultimately, it has brought us freedom in both our time and in our finances.

I have taught the valuable lessons needs to grow an online business to 20k woman and now it is your turn.I want to help you use your online business to build wealth and security!

The first step is to join me in this 3-day masterclass where I teach you the key steps you need to make it happen!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you want the time and financial freedom you see others having in the online space!

  • You know you have knowledge and experience that you want to teach and share with others!

  • You want to make money in a new and different way!

  • You are ready to have more dollars in your bank account and not have to make sacrifices when it come to finances or time with your family!

BUT...you also have seen others try and not succeed.

OR MAYBE...you have tried and not yet succeeded.

I have coached 20,000+ women and have learned exactly what mistakes people make that cause them to fail. I want to use what I have learned to help set you up for SUCCESS!!!

And I want to show you how!!!

It wasn’t until I began teaching painting classes online and then coaching women in their businesses that everything changed for my family. 

Suddenly I could reach more people and make more sales, without increasing my hours. After years in the painting business, it was WILD the success I had when I added coaching...like nothing I had seen or even imagined was possible!

I was able to bring my husband home from his day job, and we finally had the time and financial freedom we'd been looking for.

Imagine if this were possible in your business!!

  • What if you knew exactly what to avoid and where to push the gas?

  • What if you could find the freedom you see so many others experience?

  • How would it feel to know you were making a lasting impact and able to grow your business without having to waste time with trial and error?

I promise you THIS IS POSSIBLE friend!!

I’ve walked it out in my own life running a 7-figure coaching business and helped thousands of women build the business of their dreams.

What do you have to lose by NOT joining this Workshop?

Don't waste your time not even knowing what you don't know!!!

Take a look at these...

You might be wondering...

Do I have to attend live?

While we recommend attending LIVE it is not necessary. If you can’t attend LIVE you can catch the recordings of the workshop on your time.

How do I access the 3 one-hour workshop sessions?

Once you enroll, you will receive a link to join, be asked to answer a few questions, and then you will be approved to our private Facebook group where we will host the workshop.

I have a product based business, is this workshop for me?

If you’d like to add a service to your product based business, then absolutely! I’ve had clients successfully teach others how to make their products or run their own product based businesses!

What if I don’t have a business yet, can I still take this workshop?

Absolutely. If you have a skill you can share with the world, you can create a business with it using coaching and consulting. I would love to see you get started the right way! 

Here’s the truth, you don't have time to waste getting things wrong when you create a new revenue stream online. In the Monetize Masterclass I take my experience working with 20,000+ clients and distill it down to the most effective strategies you can use to change your life.

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